43. Dal Bhat
14.50 €
Lentil dish served with rice
44. Goanlay Tarkari
16.50 €
Bamboo shoots with mixed vegetables and lentils
45. Veg. Jal Frazi
16.95 €
Mixed vegetables and lotus seed blended in a hot curry sauce with onions, capsicum, tomatoes and green chili
46. Veg. Kurma
16.95 €
Mixed vegetables with, sesame, dried fruit blended in a coconut cream
47. Jogi Tarkari
16.95 €
Traditional Indian village dish including lentils, beans, vegetables
48. Mint veg. Curry
16.95 €
Mixed vegetables prepared in a mint curry sauce
49. Aloo Palak veg.
16.50 €
Potatoes prepared in a curry sauce made out of spinach

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