10. Kukhura Gheedar (M)
17.95 €
Grilled chicken blended with butter and tomato sauce
11. Palak Kukhura (M)
17.50 €
Pieces of chicken blended with spinach and Nepalese spices
12. Kukhura Badami (B, M)
18.95 €
Pieces of chicken blended with yoghurt cream and cashew nuts
13. Kukhura Masaladar (hot / épicé / scharf) (M)
18.95 €
Grilled chicken blended in a hot masala sauce with onion, chili and tomatoes
14. Sherpa Special Chicken (B, M)
18.95 €
Chicken and dried fruit blended in a mild coconut sauce
15. Kathmandu Chicken
17.50 €
Sliced chicken breast prepared with vegetables and lentils in medium masala
16. Kukhura Saslik (hot, épicé) (M)
18.95 €
Grilled chicken with onions, capsicum, tomatoes, and green chili blended with hot curry sauce and served on a hot sizzler

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